Tò mò là khởi nguồn của trí tuệ
Black Hole

Black Hole is Designed for students to develop advanced critical thinking skills through various mathematic activities based on creative thinking skills and problem solving.


  • Help children understand better about basic math concepts based on the Common Corre State Standard, focusing on practicality and applicability to a wide range of life issues.
  •  Support in developing: critical thinking, problem solving skills, creativity, analysis, synthesis, teamwork and the development of mathematical principles periodically.


  • Standard mathematical concepts
  •  Building a variety of mathematical topics
  •  Lessons are arranged in a spiral structure to increase the level of excitement
  •  Emphasis on practicality and applicability to many different problems

Target ages: grade 2-5
Program Composition: 14 levels

Bright IG

Building the mathematical foundation through experiential activities. This foundational program focuses heavilyon activities that compel students to think. In an effort to spark student interest in mathematics, Bright I·G was developed to foster observational skills, concentration levels, and extend the attention span of students in early elementary education.


  • Mathematics develops diverse intelligence.
  • Support in developing: Ability to observe, analyze, logical thinking, creativity, focus, teamwork and the formation of learning habits.


  • Mathematics That Students Want to Learn
  • Mathematics That Improves Analogical Thinking Skills
  • Building the Basic Framework for Elementary Students’ Thinking Skills
  • Strengthening Arithmetic Skills with Creative Calculations
  • Cultivating Studying Habits through the Workbooks

Target ages: Grade 1, 2
Program Composition: 6 levels


Ucrea is an early childhood program that develops children’s thinking power through flexible and fun approaches to learning. With an outstanding design, Ucrea discovers and nutures students’ potentials, encourages their confidence and stimulates students’ innate curiosity.


  • Helps developing IQ, EQ, SQ.
  • Develops basic thinking, logical thinking, creative thinking, and mathematical thinking skills
  • Explore mathematics through five senses, at the same time exercising health and physical, language and communication.


  • Enriching storybooks that establish familiarity with abstract concepts and encourage healthy socio-emotional thinking
  • Activity books develop children’s basic, logical, mathematical, and creative thinking skills
  • Hands-on and visual approaches to learning through highly adaptable games and manipulatives
  • A balanced and holistic education based on storytelling, creative problem-solving, and teamwork

Target ages: 3-5 years old
Program Composition: 4 levels