15/05/2018 CMS Edu

Ucrea is an early childhood program that develops children’s thinking power through flexible and fun approaches to learning. With an outstanding design, Ucrea discovers and nutures students’ potentials, encourages their confidence and stimulates students’ innate curiosity.


  • Helps developing IQ, EQ, SQ.
  • Develops basic thinking, logical thinking, creative thinking, and mathematical thinking skills
  • Explore mathematics through five senses, at the same time exercising health and physical, language and communication.


  • Enriching storybooks that establish familiarity with abstract concepts and encourage healthy socio-emotional thinking
  • Activity books develop children’s basic, logical, mathematical, and creative thinking skills
  • Hands-on and visual approaches to learning through highly adaptable games and manipulatives
  • A balanced and holistic education based on storytelling, creative problem-solving, and teamwork

Target ages: 3-5 years old
Program Composition: 4 levels