Bright IG

15/05/2018 CMS Edu

Building the mathematical foundation through experiential activities. This foundational program focuses heavilyon activities that compel students to think. In an effort to spark student interest in mathematics, Bright I·G was developed to foster observational skills, concentration levels, and extend the attention span of students in early elementary education.


  • Mathematics develops diverse intelligence.
  • Support in developing: Ability to observe, analyze, logical thinking, creativity, focus, teamwork and the formation of learning habits.


  • Mathematics That Students Want to Learn
  • Mathematics That Improves Analogical Thinking Skills
  • Building the Basic Framework for Elementary Students’ Thinking Skills
  • Strengthening Arithmetic Skills with Creative Calculations
  • Cultivating Studying Habits through the Workbooks

Target ages: Grade 1, 2
Program Composition: 6 levels